Prudential Kovack Realtors

Buying A Home

Looking for a guide to Modular Home Finance?

Step One

Schedule an appointment with your lender (we can help you choose a lender) and receive a pre-qualification letter so you will have an idea of the price range of home you are comfortable purchasing.
Step Two
Meet with one of our sales agent and choose your dream house plan and optional features that will fit your lifestyle and pocketbook. After signing the building contract the process begins

Step Three

Your lender will do a pre-construction appraisal and prepare a loan commitment. This process will take approximately four weeks. After the appraisal and commitment are received, a pre-construction meeting with the “construction team” will be scheduled. At this meeting you can discuss building details, changes to the plan, and ask any questions.
Step Four

Prior to sheetrock, the construction team will schedule a tour of the home with you to inspect the inner workings of your home, view its quality components and verify optional features you have selected, and ask questions.
Step Five

Pre walk-through inspection. Before your final walk-through, our construction team will conduct it’s own quality control check to ensure everything is in proper working order and up to quality standards. Any needed repairs are made and the home is thoroughly cleaned in preparation for the final walk-through.

Step Six

When the home is finished, our construction team will take you on a room-by-room tour to demonstrate the quality features and operating procedures for all aspects of your home, as well as explain our service procedures and home maintenance guidelines.

Step Seven

30-day follow-up. Once you are settled in, we will contact you by letter or phone to ensure continued satisfaction.

Step Eight

12-month follow up. We will contact you in the 12th-month to reiterate our commitment to your satisfaction and to answer any question or perform any final warranty work.