Prudential Kovack Realtors

Guide to Our Homes

At Prudential Kovack Realtors, our passion is for creating one-of-a-kind dream homes.  Since the earl 90’s, we have designed and built some of Victoria’s most extraordinary custom homes.Prudential Kovack Realtors carefully selects members based on their exceptional reputation; strong market presence; quality craftsmanship and innovative design.

We create luxury, personalised homes without surprises…Guaranteed! The “Prudential Kovack Realtors secret” is a process that other builders either can’t or won’t do. Here is why we are different.

Every member of Prudential Kovack Realtors is experienced, hard-working, and dedicated. Their main goal being to provide customers with the highest satisfaction possible. Our team has been carefully selected and they all share a strong passion for home building.

‘We started our dream from a simple drawing on scrap paper. Their price was fair, but more importantly there was a sense of trust and customer service we knew we would have throughout the process. When building a home, there will be unexpected items that come up. These items were always resolved and limited due to the planning and communication delivered from the staff atPrudential Kovack Realtors. The most gratifying thing we found throughout the process is the fact that our builder constantly worked with us and not for us. They made our dream a reality’